Daltam was based in Trento since 1979, and is a distributor of food products.
The current representative, Mr. Maurizio Dallago, has created in 1999, in collaboration with an Italian tropical agriculture expert living in The Dominican Republic. The company started out, with Italian machinery, to pick, process, roast, grind and pack a 100% conventional Arabica coffee from organic farming, which comes exclusively from cooperatives of small growers from the Central and Northern Cordillera of the Dominican Republic.
Coffee roasting is a very delicate procedure, on which Mr. Franzinelli has researched and performed different tests; the final roasting result is delicate but also aromatic and quite attractive for the Italian market.
Daltam is authorized by the Italian Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry Policies in Rome to import biologically grown coffee and sugar into Italy. Daltam also has been certified by the Italian “Suolo e Salute” (“Land and Health”) Control Office, which is based in Fano, for the products' labeling.
Coffee is imported by Daltam and distributed throughout Europe.
Because the entire production is under Daltam's control, through continuous collaboration with the over 800 small producers in the local cooperatives, the quality of this coffee can be guaranteed constantly. Coffee is 100% Arabica with Italian roast for all varieties. From organically to conventionally grown.
On request, Daltam can distribute the product with personalized packaging.