Organic Cane Sugar El Cibao.
A high quality product.

The particularly delicate taste, which does not overlap with that of the foods to which it is added, makes it suitable for use in the preparation of any dish, from coffee to more elaborate dishes.

Organic Cane Sugar
Claro El Cibao

Origin South America
The decision to stock up on sugar in South America, in the different latitudes of Argentina, Colombia, and Cuba, is dictated by the need to always have a high-quality product available throughout the year.

Fairtrade as well,
from Cuba.

Our sugar from the island of Cuba is certified FAIRTRADE®.
In fact, Cuba is one of the few countries not to have an economy based on the control of multinational corporations and pays particular attention to environmentally friendly and sustainable agriculture.

Ideal for making cocktails.

Highly soluble due to its particularly fine grain and therefore an ideal ingredient in sweets and cocktails.

Brown Sugar Demerara Naturvita

From Mauritius
This new brown sugar with its bright color and light caramel flavor has large and homogeneous crystals and a rich and fragrant aroma.
Produced in the Republic of Mauritius, about 900 km east of Madagascar and FAIRTRADE® certified, it supports the producers and promotes a fairer and more sustainable trading system.

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