Fresh coffee pleasure with every sip.
El Cibao. From organic farming.

Thanks to the hard-working farmers’ ancient wisdom and the producers’ passion and knowledge, you can taste this wonderful Trentino coffee and for the duration of that cup you will be suspended in time.

Ranked 13th coffee

At the 2008 Annual Fair in Minneapolis (Minnesota, USA), the most important exposition dedicated to special coffees, the product "Ebano Verde", mark owned by "Natura Bella", came in 13th of the 120 coffees allowed to compete after a tough initial selection.

100% arabica. From the Dominican Republic.
Organic. Not just a simple coffee.

El Cibao is produced and processed according to the organic and fair trade standards.
In other words, it makes for warm and endearing company; a story that tastes of Trentino and ends on an international note. This is "El Cibao".

The Organic Line

The care, skill, and dedication
that accompany each stage of its
production bestow a flavor upon it that
embodies wisdom and passion.
A feature: the slightly bitter initial note, which immediately makes room for a fine taste that is highly enjoyable on the palate, with hints of chocolate and citrus.
A virtue: the high digestibility, due to the careful processing of the highest quality "arabica" from small batches of selected crops.

The whole line:

The Espresso Line

A treat for lovers of high quality espresso.
The generous full-bodied taste,
the pleasant and lasting aroma,
the dense and creamy finish.
El Cibao is a coffee with the typical aroma of Italian dark roasted blends. It is a typical variety of designated origin named "Cibao de Altura".
A selection of the best coffees produced in the area of Constanza (at a hight of 800/1400) in the Dominican Republic, home to the finest coffees in Central America.

The whole line: