Rapadura, the authentic integral sugar!

The processing of RAPADURA take place manually, without the use of machinery: a process that has nothing to do with the process adopted in the sugar factories, because every phase of the processing is operate manually at the craft level.
The RAPADURA is considered the most pure sugar, because is obtained from the evaporation of the not chemically refined cane juice nor subjected to centrifugation.
Despite RAPADURA is a sugar in all respects, composed from 72% of sucrose, it has a low glycemic curve. The remaining part it's made up from nutrients and a concentrate of fat-soluble vitamins, including:
biologic precursor of beta-carotene, useful for maintain the skin tonic and elastic, and preserve it from the insurrection of pathologies like melanomas
a precious vitamin with remarkable anti-age proprieties, indispensable to contrast the processes of aging and prevent the oxidative cellular stress
useful to maintain the bones healthy, especially during the growth period, for prevent the rachitism and help to make calcium bio-available

It must be remembered that the RAPADURA contain a good percentual of inulin, a prebiotic fiber useful to restore the intestinal bacterial flora encouraging the proliferation of "friendly" bacterial strains that preserve it's acidity and welfare. Inulin is a fiber that can lower the glycemic index of foods, and this explain why the RAPADURA, in comparison to the normal sugar, has a very low glycemic curve and 20% less calories. The RAPADURA sugar is therefore suitable for everyone, especially for the kids, the students, the seniors and the athletes.