Caffè tostatoCoffee Roasting


EL CIBAO is a roasted coffee exported in beans or milled; Daltam is the exclusive distributor of EL CIBAO and EBANO VERDE (Green Ebony) for Europe (a company certified by the Italian Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry Policies).
The delicate process of roasting enriches coffee with the characteristics that make it so unique.
Roasting the beans takes from 12 to 16 minutes, depending on the types of coffee; it is absolutely necessary to master the art of roasting to enhance individual characteristics of each coffee and to obtain the best quality in terms of aroma and flavour. A coffee which is less roasted has a lighter colour, its fragrance is flowery, feminine, its taste is lighter and delicate acidity emerges over the slight taste of bitterness. Roasted coffee has a darker colour, its aroma is more pungent, masculine, flavour is stronger, bitterer and less acidic.
Another golden rule says that each type of preparation requires different degrees of milling: extra-fine for Turkish coffee, fine for espresso, fine for moka coffee pots and coarser for plunger coffeemakers. Packaging is very important to preserve the fragrance of aromas, as roasted coffee is very sensitive to oxygen and moisture.
Logistics management becomes of paramount importance in ensuring that every product is shipped to destination safely and quickly.