"Grown today with the wisdom of yesteryear."


The coffee that we process belongs to the highest quality coffee in the world. It growns in mountainous areas of the Dominican Republic where profit land and mechanization are very rare.
Most of the plantations produce special coffee grown under strict organic farming regulation, avoiding the use of chemicals, respecting the environment and preserving the soil.
Production is controlled by “Suolo e Salute S.A.”, the body that monitors compliance with the European Community law no. 2092/91 principles.
60% of the country's forest and natural resources directly depend on the cultivation of coffee; most crops use traditional shaded farming, which provides:

  • Conservation of forest by reducing the environmental impact;
  • The reduction of soil erosion;
  • Enrichment of organic soil matter;
  • The provision of shelter and food for numerous bird species;
  • Conservation of water resources.

The end consumer buying coffee from these cooperatives will help support the development and the improvement of living conditions in rural communities, thereby reducing the social, economic and cultural vulnerability and increasing sustainability of cultivation.