Ecologic Processing or "Beneficio"


Il beneficioAt this stage, called beneficio, the first quality control of the fruit takes place, tests are conducted to determine the existence, amount and type of possible defects, such as the grains being overripe, green, etc. Coffee beans that do not reach the required conditions are separated from the lot and processed as second choice coffee; coffee beans which positively comply with set quality standards carry a reward for the producer of an additional value, as a bonus for supporting growth and production of high quality coffee. When the coffee is ready processing begins, known as WET PROCESSING, in removing the layers around the coffee beans.

With a special machine pulp is removed to obtain the “coffee mucillage”, which has a viscous appearel due to natural pectin which holds the seed; the bean is then washed with water through a special machine that removes the pectin and minimizes the possibility of environmental contamination. All residues are used to prepare fertilizers.
The coffee thus obtained is called “washed coffee”, or “Pergamino” coffee, which will undergo a second analysis for a more accurate selection, according to the quality of the batch to which this coffee bean belongs.
The “Beneficio” used by Natura Bella S.A. is an ecological moist process, which provides considerable water sparing (less than 5 liters per kilogram of coffee), thereby encuring respect for the environment and avoiding the pollution of rivers.