"At the break of dawn the great harvest begins!"


The coffee plant belongs to the Rubiaceae family; it is an ever-green plant, growing where rainfall is abundant throughout the year and at an average temperature between 18 and 22°C. The cultivation of coffee starts with the germination of its seed in the nursery, to obtain plants on the verge of bearing fruit; this happens three or four years after being first planted.

The coffee fruit is composed of

  • ESOCARP (skin)
  • MESOCARP (pulp)
  • PERISPERM (also known as “silver film”).

In order to ensure good quality, coffee should be harvested only when it reaches the optimal degree of ripeness, which is recognizable by the bright red or yellow colour of the coffee cherry. Harvest begins in November and last until June, depending on the altitude, as our plantations are located between 800 and 1,450 meters above sea level, among the highest in the Antilles.
The harvest of coffee cherries is carried out manually, without the use of machinery, which allows for a careful selection of ripe fruits. On the same day, coffee is carried in burlap bags to the storage center, called beneficio.