Organic Cane Sugar Sachets

Sugar Sachets Bio El Cibao

El Cibao organic cane sugar is processed with natural techniques, like the centenary Caribbean tradition teaches, and it preserves all its high quality organoleptic characteristics, thanks to these attentions in the processing. The particularly delicate flavor, which doesn't interfer with the taste of the other foods, makes this sugar perfect to be added to every dish or culinary preparation. This sugar is highly soluble, thanks to its very thin grain, and this characteristic makes it suitable for cakes and cocktails.
Type of product Organic Cane Sugar
Cultivation Organically grown
Packaging 250 sachets (4 gr.)
Pack dimensions (cm)

Width 21
Height 35
Depth 7

Number of packs per box
Box dimensions (cm)

Width 39
Height 28
Depth 26

VAT 10%
Boxes per layer
Layers per pallet 5
EAN code 7462238197144
EAN box code 17462238197103